The US Drug Watchdog has a wide array of services for consumers or law firms with respect to unsafe drugs or consumer protection related to dangerous pharmaceuticals.  The group also has a very robust capability for pharmaceutical or medical device representatives who possess significant information about wrong doing.


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 Upon hearing of an FDA recall the group frequently will immediately attempt to capture the issue and advance the information to the general public.  These services include:

  • If a consumer has a specific issue with a yet to be recalled drug, pharmaceutical product or medical device, the US Drug Watchdog will do as much research as possible to determine if the issue is widespread or well known. We will then report back to the consumer as to our findings. There is no charge for this service.
  • The US Drug Watchdog frequently teams up with national plaintiffs law firms in an effort to get the word out about recalled or unsafe drugs or medical devices. Typically these are high intensity branding campaigns, designed to alert US consumers about a FDA drug recall involving a dangerous drug, pharmaceutical or medical device.
  • The US Drug Watchdog works with pharmaceutical or medical device insiders to assist them with various federal or state whistle blower programs, provided they have a very high threshold of proof and the information is not public knowledge.