Our Mission:

EDUCATE U.S. consumers about lethal FDA drug recalls, recalled defective medical devices and consumer products.

IDENTIFY victims of dangerous pharmaceuticals, medical devices or consumer products and get legal remedies to compensate the victim.

EXPOSE drug companies, medical products makers and consumer products companies for putting deadly, or ineffective drugs, medical devices and products on the market before they have been properly tested-to ensure they worked and they were safe.

HELP innocent victims get the best possible legal help, in the event they have been damaged by a recalled drug, defective medical device or consumer product.

The US Drug Watchdog is committed to consumer safety and protection with respect to all pharmaceuticals, prescription medicine, medical devices and consumer products used in the United States.

Our service was created to help protect completely innocent US citizens from dangerous or unsafe drugs, medical devices, and consumer products with the goal being the consumer gets compensated.

Defective Drug & Medical Device Initiatives

    If while serving in the US Military between 2003-2015 you suffered from hearing loss after using the 3M Duel Ended Combat Ear Plugs please call us. The 3M company has already settled with the government. due to their defective 3M “Dual-Ended Combat Arms” earplugs. If you are a victim-you should be compensated too.

    Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma following frequent use of the weed killer Roundup? If the answer is yes-please call us anytime at 866-714-6466.

    Have You Suffered from Ovarian Cancer after using Talcum Powder for years? Your compensation could be significant. Aside from ovarian cancer we are also worried about mesothelioma. The Talcum power may have included asbestos.
  • Pharmacy Provided The Wrong Medication
    The issue of counterfeit drugs has been growing in the United States with the supply of these counterfeit drugs coming from all over the world. Counterfeit drugs can lead to unresolved health problems, and even death.
  • Actos If after using Actos   you or a loved one developed bladder cancer please call us immediately

The US Drug Watchdog’s Victims Bill of Rights includes:

  • The names and specific contacts for the most successful and reputable national caliber personal injury attorneys who specialize in recalled pharmaceutical or medical device personal injury lawsuits.  

    • The US Drug Watchdog says, “Tragically when it comes to recalled or defective drugs or medical devices there are frequently an over abundance of personal injury marketing law firms advertising for and signing up victims of a recalled pharmaceutical or medical device as if they were commodities. There really can be a huge difference between getting a second or third string personal injury attorney and getting the absolute best legal experts in the nation, when it comes to a recalled drug, defective medical products or medical device. When it comes to compensation for victims, we recommend and provide the specific contacts for the best and the most capable recalled pharmaceutical or defective medical device personal injury attorneys or trial law firms in the United States. No other group offers this vital service.”
  • The US Drug Watchdog’s focus is to insure all individuals damaged by a defective drug or recalled medical device are constantly updated on new developments with respect to a recalled drug or defective medical device.

    • The US Drug Watchdog says, “One of the biggest problems we have with respect to our defective drug or defective medical device initiative work is the average US consumer never hears about a drug recall  or the serious side effects related to a specific drug or medical device’s use.  So in order to try and keep all US consumers informed, we will continue with our pubic outreach efforts that are designed to new identify victims of a defective or recalled drug or medical device with the goal being no one gets left behind.”

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