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Transvaginal Mesh  


Transvaginal Mesh or Sling Products

The Transvaginal Mesh, or Sling disaster may involve 10,000's of US women with severe injuries



The US Drug Watchdog says, "We are now calling the Transvaginal mesh disaster the absolute worst mess we have ever seen for women, and the damages are literally beyond comprehension. We are also talking about a potentially huge number of US women who have been impacted. According to the New York Times, in 2010, about 185,000 women underwent procedures in which mesh was implanted vaginally to treat urinary incontinence. That is 2010 alone."

Transvaginal mesh failure occurs when the mesh fails to bind to a woman's pelvic tissues. As a consequence of this, the body rejects the mesh that has been sewn into it. As a result, the Transvaginal mesh may start to poke its way through the vaginal wall and protrude out of the vaginal tissue. This complication is more commonly referred to as "erosion." Erosion may result in extreme pain, infection, bleeding, vaginal discharge, with no possibility for sexual intercourse.

The US Drug Watchdog has begun a very aggressive initiative designed to assist women in the United States, in what they are referring to as the Transvaginal Mesh Disaster. The group is urging any woman, who has had the Transvaginal mesh surgical procedure done, and now has developed severe complications to call them anytime at 866-714-6466.

As part of its initiative the US Drug Watchdog is offering to send all US women, who are victims of this Transvaginal Mesh Disaster to national caliber attorneys-who are all women.


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